Infomat Data is …

… committed to helping you achieve unparalleled success in a cost effective way. Our goal is to create marketing lists for you that double or triple response rates by putting your message in front of the RIGHT target audience at the RIGHT time.

We help you achieve maximum response through collaboration with data scientists, data engineers, and behavioral scientists … and a focus on transactional meta data which we turn into predictive data.

What Can You Expect From Infomat?

We will mine the transactional meta data to identify specific purchase habits of your target audience, whether they’re investors, looking for nutritional supplements, clothing, wine, cars, or anything else.

We then match your product service and profile to precise prospects by creating a Look-a-Like audience. Those are people who look and behave like customers who have already bought from you, so they’re highly likely to become paying customers as well.

Should you choose, we can also help you cut through the clutter with clear positioning and a clear message to the perfect audience we create for you.